Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Catching up on Coachella!

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Coachella is the talk of the town and if you still don't know about it, I'd urge you to come out of your reverie! So, are you telling me you haven't come across this exotic sounding festival before!? You're not alone.. My current research on fashion took an interesting turn when Coachella happened. Images of men and women 'chilling' together in their best casual attires surfaced on my desktop. I realized soon enough, that Coachella is quite a big deal! A treat for all the music lovers, Coachella is the opportune platform for music moguls. Lorde, Keisha, Ellie Goulding and Axl Rose to name a few, made the most of the desert festival. 


Coachella is a zestful music festival that is the talk of the town for a lot of reasons. Staged at the Los Angeles desert, this festival attracts the hippest musicians, your beloved celebs, and the fashion glitterati at large. Spread over two weekends in April this year, Coachella is half way over! That's right.. So, my intent is to study all the fashion-happy people at the music bash, and make an opinion.. So, here goes.. 

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Last weekend, the Los Angles desert housed a crazy crowd of music lovers and glam dolls. When I indulged in some trend-spotting, I learnt that the popular choice rests with skimpy, skin-baring silhouettes that are appealingly casual and comfortable. I'd imagine, that at Coachella you can't resist putting your party shoes on! And to top it all, it's friggin' hot out there! You wouldn't want to dress up in anything bulky. For a blazing hot day in the desert ringing with the groovy beats of music, I'd pick a nice breezy dress. Perhaps, this one? My love goes out to the gorgeous metallic sneakers! 

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Kendall exemplifies the perfect Coachella look. The boho-chic ensemble is an ode to the spirit of the music fest. The lacy dress is a dreamy success; its bold neckline is offset with funky tribal jewelry and the contemporary gladiator sandals are just sublime!  

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Here are the main takeaways; bold, plunging necklines, bared shoulders, lacy silhouettes, jumpy colors, fringed shoes, breezy shrugs, distressed shorts.. Phew! There is distinctive a laid-back, street-style charm about fashion at Coachella.. We'll see what the coming week has in store for us! Follow me to know about how you can style yourself and look Coachella-ready! Love.. 


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Getting crafty with fashion!

Both Spring and Fall collections of 2016, were packed with little surprises. Let me also mention that all the surprises didn't spring right out of the runway. The streets, magazines, the world around us; inspirations are abound everywhere! You just have to keep a keen eye out. I'd  love to take you through few moments in fashion that are worth remembering! We are talking of the moments defined by the interconnections of art, craft and fashion. Perhaps, you'd have seen something related to the same pop up on your screen before, but you didn't put too much thought into it back then. Give it another shot! Read on-

1. Threading its way through


Threads have been integral to the arena of the arts. Getting entangled in the colorful web of threads is now inevitable. An over-sized, turtle neck sweater by Joseph is an ode to this thready trend. The jacquard patterns slinking up from the sides, look interestingly incomplete. To give credence to the unfulfilled appearance of this jumper, long and fine threads were dangling from the patterns. This, work-in-progress, cool look has the gumption to be a knockout among fashionistas.

2. All taped up


Did you ever envisage tapes making it big on the fashion scene? Little objects of utility are now under scrutiny. The reason behind that is pretty simple! They are serving the world of fashion with trends that were not heard of before now. Moschino's launched a shirt, on which each corner is marked with a broad tape. The tape has been labelled 'Love Moschino' and its application on the t-shirt leaves a significant impression. To fuel the tape trend further, model Leila Goldkuhl  was styled with abundant tape for Beauty Papers Magazine. The photo-shoot was named 'plastic beauty' and was carried out last month.

3. Fashion bird

One of my favorites, this boxy tunic by Marni is a magical creation. On the surface, you'd think that there is nothing much to it. On ruminating on it, I realized the tunic resembles the body of a bird interestingly, and the transparent sequins overlapping each other are the iridescent feathers that are glimmering in the light. This creation truly stirs the imagination and conjures different connotations of art.

4. Boxed up

J.W Anderson shares his fascination with boxy shapes and interesting surface applications. Scrunching up of fabric and the boxy detailing on the front, gives the silhouette an unusual crafty shape.

5. Let's sculpt

Valentino's feathery creation was an interesting take on art and craftsmanship. Resembling a bird prepared for flight, shiny feathers were juxtaposed together in an unconventional orientation, to sculpt the feminine curves of the body.

I'm sure there were other moments that made fashion really memorable. Would you like to fill me in with your ideas, just in case I missed out on some other arty creations this year? :)

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

3 90s trends that are rocking the fashion scene even today!

I am a 90s kid through and through! I grew up listening to a lot of pop, courtesy Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera. The 90s had an infectious feel-good vibe; this decade saw the mushrooming of pop icons and supermodels. Madonna’s cone bra designed by Gaultier made it to the headlines and stars like Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore were hailed as style icons. The much-loved TV show Friends of the 90s, continues to be massively popular among Gen-y. The plaid shirts, work-worn denims, high-waist jeans, and cute fringes have not lost their appeal. Every now and then I manage to spot a trend that harks back to the 90s. Loved by both the runways and the streets, the 90s continue to rule! Here are three 90s trends that will stay with us forever!

1. High Top Sneakers


Would you prefer sneakers over stilettoes? The 90s sneakers made popular by the feisty Spice Girls, are back with a bang. A favorite pick among leading fashionistas, such as Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner, these sneakers can be pretty much paired with your lovely skater dresses. You can also match them with your regular jeans-top combo. Pump it up with a pair of edgy platform sneakers and kick up an effortlessly easy, off-duty look.  

2. Denim Overalls


The 90s has an enduring connection with denims. Baggy denim overalls were pretty much raising the grunge and hip quotient of the decade. The good news is that they are back again, and how! The 90s overalls have evolved through the years, and everyone seems to be celebrating their comeback. Alexa Chung looks absolutely fetching in denim overalls that plunge down to the waist. If that doesn’t work for you, you can try your luck with boyfriend dungarees matched with a cute shirt. Walking down nostalgia lane never felt better! 

3.  The Choker 


The choker was a fashion staple of the 90s. Edgy and stylish, chokers were designed for punks, rockstars and gangsta-girls. They are definitely making their presence felt and are here to recreate the magic of the 90s. Rihanna seems to have taken a fancy to quirky black chokers and is spreading some love for these accessories across fashion audiences. Chokers can be crafted from delicate, wiry material and can also be crocheted. Tie your hair away from the face in a loose top knot, and highlight the sensuous shape of your neck with the trippy  choker! 

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Summers have turned Boot-friendly!

We seldom give up on a pair of trusty boots. Have you put away your booties owing to the blistering summer months? Maybe, you think boots and summer don't go together. Well, get your estranged boots back into your life because they are pretty much here to stay. After all, as Nancy Sinatra aptly puts it; those boots are meant for walking! 

Summers and booties are a match made in heaven. Scorch the streets with looks that have the potential to kill. Stay strong in a pair of well-designed boots and keep up with the season's best. Read and discover summer boots that will keep you cool. 

1. Peep-toe boots

Perfect footwear fix for the summers, the trendy peep-toe boots, are going to entice you into adopting them as a footwear staple. Designed to mold your feet perfectly, these shoes allows your toes to peek out attractively, and they are certainly a good excuse to flaunt the fresh nail-tint of the season. Wear these with your dungarees and put your shades on! 

2. Rainbow Boots


Your high-heeled boots are in for a massive upgrade. Knee-high boots are designed to highlight your leggy curves, but I'm sure the boots that we are talking about are not in your closet yet! These exclusive boots are striped and designed with block heels to uplift your feet and your spirits. Available in preppy color combinations, they can be matched with your boxy dresses and roomy tunics. Throw in a sleek clutch to spark off some charm. 

3. Take the ride of your life

Hunter boots or rain boots boast of a strong structure and are made from waterproof material. Sturdy enough to keep you steady on the ground, you can't go on your fun-filled trekking expeditions without these. Deigned with a sturdy sole, you can really rough it out in these shoes. Match your evergreen striped shirts or dresses and pull together an exceptionally sporty look.
4. Red ankle boots are ready to strike 


Ankle boots are usually lightweight and can serve as the ideal summer footwear if worn the right way. These boots can complement your favorite, old-school tee and jeans look and look gorgeous in luscious red. A pop of red will bring in the fresh summer vibe in your clothing choices and will help you spread some love for them boots! 

5. Red wing shoes

Red wing boots are associated with a standard of excellence and unique craftsmanship. Designed from high quality materials, they serve the purpose of work boots and are ideal for those of us who have demanding jobs. A stressful job might keep you on your feet for the longest time, so it is wise to keep your feet light and happy during those rigorous hours. Go for the red wing work boots and enjoy the exquisite touch of leather accompanied with amazing style features. 

Found enough reasons to go boot-shopping this season? Get cracking girlies! :) 

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Monday, 4 April 2016

TREND ALERT: The Bewitching Skater Dress

Skater dresses are reminiscent of the 80s. These dresses have been around for quite some time, and boy, do they look gorgeous! Have you ever wondered why they are called skater dresses? Skaters wear dresses that are slightly flared waist downwards; that's how the term 'skater' came to be associated with these dresses. Similar in silhouette, these dresses are slightly clinched at the waist and flow downwards attractively into graceful flares.

These dresses are pretty much doing the rounds this summer, and you'd love to see vivacity of florals come alive through the printed, skater dresses that are very much in vogue. Treat yourself to some marvelous skater dresses! Vero Moda, ONLY, Sisley and other hip brands have pitched the pleasing skater dress as their favorite. Have a look- 

VERO MODA                                                            ONLY

Give your attractive skater dresses a little twirl and look like a siren wherever you go!

RENA LOVE                                                             HARPA

Of course your lovely skater dresses have to be accompanied with trendy accessories and shoes. Follow these tricks and you'd be the next fashionista before you know it!

Plimsolls and sneakers will look amazingly effective with those summery skater dresses. A dreamy, washed out pair of sneakers or  stripers could pretty much seal the deal. Although, my vote will go to the dazzling, silver Miss Bennett sneakers. Pair these with your dresses and own the best summer streetwear look for 2016. Start shopping!                                                                                        

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